Centumbrie Fagiolina del Lago is organic and 100% made in Umbria. This incredible autochthonous Superfood is cultivated by following the ancient Umbrian agricultural tradition.



This small, authochthonous and joyfully colored bean has been one of the highest expressions of the Trasimeno territory since the 1950s. Requireing careful craftmanship and being picked by hand, it was almost abandoned.

Unlike other legumes, its maturation is scaled, the small beans must be picked by hand every day for a couple of weeks and only the last harvest is carried out mechanically. Centumbrie Fagiolina is cultivated in the fields adjacent to the Trasimeno Lake in full compliance with organic farming practices. Those who are lucky enough to have a pack of Fagiolina del Trasimeno in their hands, they will be able to experience a very peculiar taste that stands out for its delicacy; the beans’ skin is thin and tender, making it extremely pleasant to the palate. It has a buttery consistence that is particularly tasty. The size of the bean makes its preparation simple and quick, the result will be a soft, delicate and very tasty legume!

As a Superfood, Fagiolina is a must for a healthy and variegated diet, a first choice also for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free lifestyle.

Delicious with fish dishes and our Monocultivar Dolce Agogia!


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