Centumbrie Chickpeas are organic and 100% made in Umbria. Chickpeas are a Superfood and they are cultivated by following the ancient Umbrian agricultural tradition.

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The Chickpea is an ancient herbaceous plant native to western Asia and it got spread throughout the years in the Mediterranean area. Thanks to its precious vegetable protein intake, the Chickpea is an important food plant and its seeds are a great energy source: they are high in fibre as well as in iron, phosphorus and folic acid.

As a Superfood, Chickpeas are a must for a healthy and variegated diet, a first choice also for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free lifestyle.

Centumbrie Chickpeas are cultivated in the amazing Umbrian territory in full compliance with organic farming practices.

Delicious with fish and vegetable dishes and our DOP Colli del Trasimeno.


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