An exclusive mini DOP olive oil production linked to a small and precious olive grove, a true heritage on the shores of the Trasimeno Lake. This area is not just on the Trasimeno shores but lake swept directly. A small beach consisting of only 34 olive trees disposed in a hallway shape.Most of them are about 40 years old and are nurtured by the waters and scents of the notorious Umbrian lake. This is precisely the reason that motivated Centumbrie to differentiate the production and to certify it separately as a batch from the rest of the PDO produced by the company.

This is the true expression, sincere and authentic, of this evo oil variety

Only 78 bottles of 500ml that have a truthful terroir story to tell.

500ml Exclusive and limited production


An olive oil obtained by cold pressing the olives deriving from 34 olive trees that grow on a small beach bathed directly by the waters of Trasimeno Lake.
This plot of land is located in the municipality of Magione (PG) and can be identified in the land register at sheet 35 parcel 906 and 907 with a total extension of Ha 01.93.80.
This area is listed as arboreal arable land as in the olden days the mixed olive groves were the normal; this specific condition allows the 34 olive trees to have ample space to develop and, consequently, solar radiance and optimal ventilation that significantly support their phenological phases.
The olive trees are arranged in two rows that optically and physically create a natural avenue that leads from the municipal road to the shore of the Trasimeno.

 The 34 olive trees present belong to the following cultivars:

Dolce Agogia = 8 plants
Frantoio = 20 plants
Leccino = 2 plants
Moraiolo = 4 plants

 From an organoleptic point of view, this olive oil has a medium-high intensity in fruitiness, bitterness as well as spiciness; its fruity is green, reminiscent of green notes of almond, freshly cut grass, artichoke, wild thistle and wild herbs.

The cultivation is carried out according to the dictates of organic farming.
The harvest took place at the right degree of ripeness and, once harvested, the olives are brought directly in the olive oil mill for cold pressing.
L’estrazione The cold extraction foresees cold temperatures, below 27 ° C at all stages.
The olive oil obtained was filtered to allow greater stability and shelf life; it is stored in stainless steel containers for food use, saturated with nitrogen and at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C +/- 2.

It is bottled in painted and silk-screened glass bottles with a content of 500 ml. This peculiar bottle contributes to optimal conservation thanks to the additional paint shielding from light.

Each bottle was saturated with nitrogen and capped with anti-refill caps.
The bottles are stored at controlled temperature.


In Umbria there are 5 different PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) areas. The PDO produced by CM Centumbrie is specifically the Colli del Trasimeno PDO. 

Of the total production of Umbrian oil (about 50,000 quintals per year, average variable figure) about 60% is used for direct sales and self-consumption while about 40% is being certified.
In the 2020/2021 season, Centumbrie produced about 108 quintals of oil of which 40 quintals are PDO certified of which 39 litres are of the smallest PDO of Italy.

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